SO1 Episode 3: The Content Makeover: Reaching More People By Creating Better Content

If you are finding it harder and harder to reach your target market online, add this episode to your must-listen to list.  My guest is Brent Leary, co-founder and partner at CRM Essentials.  Brent is a hidden gem.  Quite honestly, we don’t hear enough of his brilliance.   Listen to Brent talk about the enormous amount of information that is produced each day and the challenges businesses face with creating better content that resonates and captures the attention of their target market.

Get on top of breaking through the noise online!

Download my episode freebie: 30 Attention-Grabbing Ideas for Your Social Media Strategy  Download it here.

Links mentioned in this podcast:

Brent Leary on Twitter

Hubspot Website Grader

The Data Explosion in 2014 – Minute for Minute Infographic




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