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80% of social media is strategy

With social media marketing, only 20% of your success involves the technology.

We will give you the competitive edge you need for successful engagement on the social web.  Once you are ready to move forward, we offer winning social media services and will even help you execute your strategy.

Our capabilities include:

  • Assess business models, organizational goals, overall mission and technical/social assets (web, mobile, and traditional media)
  • Develop and design social media tactics that align with branding and marketing messages.
  • Assist with content development, editorial calendars, and workflow management.
  • Set up, configure, and customize evaluation tools to ensure desired performance insights.
  • Evaluate social media campaigns and establish performance data sources and/or methodologies.
  • Articulate the impact of social media engagement and identify opportunities for improvements.
  • Develop employee social media governance policies and guidelines.
  • Work with internal teams (legal, PR, human resources) to develop communication, marketing and training strategies for company-wide social media programs.

What else can we handle?

  • Setting up social media accounts and designing cover images
  • Daily engagement on social media channels  (see more about this service here)
  • Training on how to use social media
  • Blogger outreach and influencer marketing

Paid social using Facebook advertising

Want to put your social media marketing on steroids? Tapping into the two billion users on Facebook makes total sense.  We can expertly run your Facebook campaigns and get excellent results.

Our proprietary approach to Facebook advertising includes:

  • Well-thought-out graphic design
  • Laser focused strategic messaging
  • Insightful targeting of Facebook audiences

Learn more about how we can help you win with Facebook Advertising

Social Media Tip

Your social media strategy should always be tied to core business goals and objectives.

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“Holley Creative simplifies the puzzle of social media for the entrepreneur.  They take the landscape of social media and demystifies it in terms that the entrepreneur can understand and leverage effectively.”

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