Your Inspired Choices

Website Design and Development, Strategic Messaging

Along with rebranding the website, Holley Creative helped Your Inspired Choices develop the brand concept “empowered choice”.  Using this brand plaform, website content and social media messages were developed to create an emotional connection with the brand.  Key messaging was also developed for the brand suboffering “Divorce Well and Thrive”.  The messaging focused on bringing empowered choice into the divorce process to create a positive experience.  Social media messages were incorporated to encourage women, in particular, to talk about their experiences thus providing leverage for the brand to engage in authentic conversations while building stronger connections with their audience.  Holley Creative also assisted Your Inspired Choices with SEO via on-page optimization.


  • Website Development HTML/CSS
  • WordPress Integration
  • Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Strategic Communications and Messaging
  • Brand Platform Development