Salon Voices

Branding, Social Media Marketing, Website Design and Development, Strategic Messaging

An innovative startup, Salon Voices provided word of mouth advertising for salons which enabled them to create and manage relationships with both new and loyal customers.   Prior to launching, Salon Voices hired Holley Creative to lead them through the entire life cycle of a social media campaign.  We began with an extensive analysis of the brand’s target audience to determine how to effectively reach both their B2B and B2C audiences through strategic communications and messaging.  This work was coupled with analyzing the brand’s business model, organizational goals and technology capabilities.  The result was a comprehensive social media marketing campaign reaching both B2B and B2C audiences. The plan was driven by key messaging that focused on reaching targeted buyer personas.  Along with our social media work, we created what we think is one of the coolest logos in the world.

Our work included:

  • Launching a Facebook page
  • Designing a WordPress website
  • Creating a blog
  • Building a presence on LinkedIn
  • Establishing two Twitter accounts to reach B2C and B2B audiences
  • Creating key messages to reach B2B and B2C audiences


A month after the implementation of our social media marketing plan, Salon Voices gained strength in search engine rankings which increased visibility and brand awareness.


  • Website Development HTML/CSS
  • WordPress Integration
  • Logo and Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Strategic Communications and Messaging
  • Brand Platform Development
  • Social Media Marketing

(Salon Voices retired in 2013)