Social Media Marketing, Strategic Messaging

Holley Creative was hired by Avendra’s human resources department to develop and execute a variety of social media initiatives.   This was a multi-faceted, year-long project that involved:

  • Training Avendra recruiters on how to use social media tools to reach out to prospective employees.  This included creating strategic messages to reach an elite pool of applicants with highly specialized skills.
  • Working with the human resources team to build a Talent Community Website that served as a hub for engaging with job applicants, current employees and alumni.
  • Directing a multi-disciplinary team in the creation of an employee social media policy.


Avendra recruiters utilized their new skills, as well as the Talent Community Site, to successfully connect with hard-to-reach applicants with specialized skills.  Using the social media policy, we educated Avendra associates on the use of social channels and best practices for connecting with vendors, suppliers, and partners.  This added strength to Avendra’s external business affairs.


  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing policy development
  • Strategic communications and messaging
  • Website Development (for the blog)
  • WordPress Integration