SO1 Episode 9: Setting Business Goals: Why Planning Falls Apart – What You Can Do About it NOW

Getting ready to set business goals for 2016?  Hold your horses!!  Be sure to listen to this episode of the podcast to learn about the common mistakes businesses make during goal setting and how you can avoid them this year.  My guest is Jeanne Rossomme, the owner of Roadmap Marketing.  It’s a terrific interview with great tips for ensuring your business goals for 2016 become successes rather than failures.

Learn about:

  • The three big mistakes businesses make during annual planning and how to avoid them
  • The right way to create goals for online marketing and social media
  • Resources that will help you create goals and stick with them during an entire calendar year


Jeanne Rossomme at Roadmap Marketing

Book:  Traction, Get a Grip on Your Business

Lose It! App ( I love it!)

And be sure to download the freebie 25 Cool Tools to Help You Set Business Goals and Stick With Them. Download it here now!


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