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Blogging Made Simple Coaching Program

Blogging doesn't need to be complicated.
Nail blogging so you can create streams of income and grow your business.

You are just one blog post away.

Amplify your voice. Make an impact. Make money.

Join my 4-week program that combines live coaching with powerful learning material to help you nail blogging so you can create multiple streams of income, grow your business, and make an impact.

Enhance your learning with live group coaching on Clubhouse

No more on-demand and "you're on your own" learning. Experience the power and accountability of live group coaching.

Here is what you get:

Live group coaching on Clubhouse

Four weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions in a members-only club. All rooms will be recorded just in case you can't make it or need a refresher.

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Hours of coaching
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24/7 access to a learning portal packed with time-saving tools, videos, tips, templates, and resources.

Access the learning portal 24/7 and get access to 7 training modules, tip sheets, videos, helpful lists, and resources. Everything you need to get your blog started is there!

What you will learn:

  • How to select a winning blog topic

    Get guidance on how to select a blog topic that drives traffic like a magnet, grows your business, and makes you money.

  • Where and how to set up your blog

    Should you use WordPress, Squarespace, or Wix? What are the essential pages every blog needs? How do you select a host provider? I got you covered!

  • SEO and how to get traffic to your blog

    You'll get an easy to understand mini masterclass on search engine optimization (SEO) and several insider tips on how to drive traffic to your blog.

  • How to start writing with confidence

    Getting started is key! Get pro tips on how to write that first blog post with ease and confidence.

  • How to monetize your blog

    Learn my step-by-step method of monetizing a blog with ads, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships.

  • Strategies for landing brand deals

    Learn how to connect with brands, create a compelling brand partnership guide, and find brands who are a good fit for your blog.

  • How to avoid the time suck of writing

    Get tips and tricks for making blog writing easier and more time-efficient, allowing you to create more content in less time.

  • How to write blog posts that delight your readers and excite Google

    You'll get tips on how to write blog posts that your readers and Google will love.❤️

  • The legal aspects of blogging

    Your learning portal legal statements and disclosures needed to comply to laws governing affiliate marketing, capturing analytics, and growing an email list.

Introducing the cool extras!

Who doesn’t love bonuses?

Weekly Office Hours

Take advantage of weekly office hours with Terri on Clubhouse. Drop in to ask a question, bounce around an idea, or share your success.

Access to a members-only Blogger Network

You get a "forever free" membership to an exclusive blogger network to get ongoing support and the motivation you need to keep going.


Do I need to attend all the live coaching sessions?

Nope!  The live group coaching sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your learning portal.  You’ll have the option of listening to the session later or re-listen to enhance your learning.

What do I need to complete this course with a blog ready to go?

To complete the course with a blog ready to go, you will need:

  • A registered domain name
  • Hosting for your blog
  • A blogging platform (some are free)

You also may want to purchase a blog theme or assistance with getting your blog set up.

The coaching program will make this process super easy.   

What if I need support or help outside of the live coaching sessions and Terri's office hours?

You can submit a ticket to will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

What is your refund policy?

 Your learning portal will be unlocked the morning your program begins.  You have 24 hours to request a refund after you learning portal is unlocked.  No refunds will be issued after that time.

How long do I have access to the learning material?

You have access to the learning panel for 60 days and free access to my Blogging Network for one year.

Terri Holley, MS, CPCC

Meet your coach

Terri Holley has a 35-year career and is a 15+ year veteran in the digital marketing and blogging industry. She is the CEO of Holley Creative, a digital marketing consulting practice. She is also the owner of the blog Revolution Gray, which she grew from a single blog post to a blog that is a micro-influencer in the women 50+ space.  

A former professional in the preventative health marketing industry, Terri holds an MS from The American University and is a Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) professionally trained by The Coaches Training Institute, widely recognized as the most rigorous professional coach training and certification program in the industry. She weaves the coaching methodology into everything she does, making her an effective catalyst for moving people toward their goals. 

Terri and Revolution Gray have been featured in The Huffington Post, USA Today, and AARP. 

Learn more about Terri on LinkedIn.

What are Terri's Clients Saying?

The next coaching program begins on
Saturday, January 15, 2022

What's included:
  • Four live 90-minute group coaching sessions on Clubhouse

  • 24/7 access to 7 learning modules and a vault full of time-saving templates, videos, tip sheets, and resources

  • Weekly drop-in office hours with Terri on Clubhouse

  • Access to The Blogger Network for one year

Questions?  Contact Terri at

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