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You’ve probably been searching around for someone to help you with your website, SEO or social media.   Digital marketing companies and creative freelancers run a dime a dozen, right?  So why work with us?

We are driven by results.  Instead of going through the motions and checking an “x” in the box, our approach ensures you get the most out of your marketing dollars. When it comes to helping you reach business goals and objectives, we get really serious.  Check out some of the big wins we’ve delivered for clients.

We are a one-stop shop.  Our network of collaborative partners offers the opportunity to service clients in the areas of brand identity, public relations, and graphic design, creating a one-stop shop experience.  Need a logo for your business or a branded Facebook page?  We can handle everything in-house.

We are super easy to work with.  Our virtual capabilities allow us to serve any business worldwide, and we’re good at it!  East coast, west coast, overseas? We deliver high-quality services seamlessly, just about anywhere.  That said, we still enjoy meeting clients in-person. We are located in the Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD metropolitan area.  If you are local, we’d love to meet you for coffee or lunch!

We are nimble.  In the world of online marketing, things can change overnight.  Whether it’s changes to Facebook or Google’s algorithm, we cut no corners in ensuring your online marketing tactics remain current.

We keep things simple. Technical jargon coupled with a lot of confusion is not our cup of tea. We love when business owners thank us for making technology make sense.

We create real business value, not just buzz. We believe that successful online marketing involves delivering real value, not just buzz.  We are most interested in helping you grow and creating value for your customers, not just increasing your followers and “likes”.

Working with us gets you more than just a website, SEO keywords or a Facebook page.

We want to stretch your marketing dollars and help you grow your business, so we are intentional about integrating everything we do into your business growth plan.  What does that mean?

We educate.  New to online marketing or have questions about the work we did?  We love educating our clients about everything we do.

We stick around.  We don’t become invisible after a project is completed.  That sucks.  We stick around to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

We are a turn-key online marketing solution.  Don’t have the resources to hire an entire marketing team?  As experts of online marketing strategy and social media services, Holley Creative is the perfect partner for companies who need to grow, but have limited manpower to do so.



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Hiring an intern to handle social media may be cost-effective, but will this person understand enough about your business to really make an impact? How much time will be needed to show them the ropes?
Time is money.

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