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Your Story: Your Most Powerful Marketing Tool

Never underestimate the power of a really good story.  And if you own a business or starting an NFT project, you have one.

Storytelling is a very powerful way to market your business or project.  Interestingly, it’s often the thing we omit when we build a website, do a public speaking gig, or discuss business with a prospect or community.  Here’s the thing:

Your story is an exclusive commodity – it’s a marketing tool that can never be duplicated.

How powerful is that?  It’s your own, unique marketing tool.  Yours!  No one else’s.  Why not use it?

Storytelling is an especially great tool for spicing up your marketing.  Here are seven ways your story can bring “sexy back” to your business or jumpstart an NFT project:

Sparking Curiosity.  Storytelling sparks curiosity.  When it’s done right, storytelling is the suspenseful book you never want to put down.  Others will do anything to learn more about you and what you have to offer.

Sharing Business Values. Your story is the perfect way to share your values.  Are you gentle with the environment?  Do you volunteer your time to help worthy organizations?  Sharing your story is an excellent way to tell people who you are and what you stand for.

Communicating Value.  Storytelling is the perfect way to describe your product or service within a larger context. This is especially helpful if it’s difficult to describe your product or service without context or you are offering something that’s new to the marketplace.  For example, you may be a life coach, but how many people really get what life coaching is all about?  Leverage your business story to communicate value about your product, service, or offer.

Humanizing Your Business or Project.  You’ve heard it time and time again.  People like to do business with people, not businesses.  Storytelling is the perfect way to humanize your business and share who’s behind the website, logo, or brand.

Every #smallbiz owner and #NFT project should carry their story in their back pocket.

Building Trust.  Storytelling helps people identify with something or someone similar to themselves or their situation.   This is the first step to building long-term trust and credibility in the marketplace – hugely important if you are entering a new market or have a swarm of competitors in a certain industry.

Sharing your Passion.  A passion is typically why and how many businesses and NFT projects got started.  Sharing your passion creates a story that is uniquely yours.  And when communicated articulately, it provides a road map for making tough decisions and serves as a foundation for business growth and vitality.

Sharing your Struggles.  Ugh. We’ve all had them. Be in business long enough and you’ll have your share.  The beauty in struggling is that it makes your story unique and powerful. Your struggles represent the mighty and powerful part of you that people naturally want to connect with. They make you human.  Your struggles, and overcoming them, can serve as a vacuum for you to become extremely attractive to others.  Share them humbly!

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